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Introducing M2 Micro™ by AmaniAg: Revolutionizing agriculture through the symbiotic power of plants and microbiology. Harness the power of nature with our unique blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi, designed to colonize plant root systems, enhance nutrient absorption, and promote robust growth.

 M2 Micro™ is a completely natural solution, using only microorganisms found in nature to help your plants absorb essential nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen. Our unique delivery system ensures the microorganisms are delivered to your soil in a nutrient-rich slurry, ensuring that they will colonize and revitalize your soil.

With M2 Micro™, you can expect larger, healthier, and faster-growing plants that require less water and fertilizer to thrive. Our customers have reported up to 50% reduction in fertilizer use and water consumption, and up to 5x crop weight increase in plants like Daikon radishes. 

But the benefits of M2 Micro™ extend beyond your garden. Modern agriculture often relies heavily on overuse of artificial fertilizer. The overuse of these fertilizers frequently disrupts the natural rhizosphere in the soil and is prone to being washed away. This is not only a waste of money, but it causes huge environmental damage to our waterways, our lakes and our oceans. But with M2 Micro, we're changing the game. Our selected microorganisms colonize root systems, ensuring that essential nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen are absorbed by the plant instead of getting washed down the storm drain. This means healthier plants, less spent on fertilizer, and a significant reduction in environmental impact. Join us in revolutionizing agriculture with M2 Micro™.


For the best results, we recommend combining MMicro™ with our MMineral™ treatment. Each product is effective on its own, but when used together, they achieve staggering results. Join us in revolutionizing agriculture with MMicro™. Because together, we grow.

M2 Micro™ for gardens

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